30 Jun

An event to get you grinning like a cheshire cat

When you think of Magaluf nightlife, many of you might think of the booming nightclubs that every year, attracting some of the world’s biggest and best DJ’s; Avici, Tiesto and Martin Garrix, just to name a few.

Then again, some of you might think of the incredible venue STAGE Mallorca – an open-air stage that throughout the summer emerges you in some of the best euphoric light display that completely light up the Magaluf sky line at night. And with the music pumping out so loud, it can be heard all the way in nearby Palma Nova while at the same time all this is brought to you by some of the world’s biggest and best artists and DJ’s all performing in front of thousands of party people week after week.

Or maybe it’s the crazy party street also known as the notorious ‘Magaluf Strip’ – 700 meters of pure party ecstasy; mixing the very best bars and nightclubs creating an atmosphere like no other that brings hundreds of thousands of guests to Magaluf every summer. With all this mix of energy, when a new event come along, it must stand far above the rest to even compete.


Introducing ‘The Mad Hatters Tea Party’ - Think people, hats, and incredible music!

Mad Hatters Tea party has been climbing the Magaluf nightlife scene for a couple of years now so as you can expect, it is now getting a bit of a reputation for being one of the best events to go to by workers and tourists alike.  

Here’s a hint, if majority of the Magaluf workers are going to an event after work, you can pretty much bet your ice cream shaped lilo it’s going to be a wicked night!

The whole party is themed around Alice in Wonderland – the style being a mix of quirky clocks, crazy balloon’s, and you guessed it, people in costumes and hats. As you walk in, you immediately notice the huge selection of hats to choose from that you can wear if you want (we recommend you do, after all it is the Mad Hatters Party!). All this adds to the overall theme making it one of the more unique parties you can go to while you and your mates are staying in Magaluf.

The event is once every 2 weeks – the music is provided by some of Magaluf’s very best resident DJ’s; like Jay Foster and DelaCrem; known for their solid reputation for getting hands in the air and people on the dance floor. The mixing is on point, the music is fresh, the drinks are cheap and the atmosphere is electric. Mix all this with one of the best venues in Magaluf; the incredible Tiviolli nightclub (next to the Magaluf bungee ball) makes this night one to remember.

Oh, and before we forget, keep your eye out for the Mad Hatter himself!

So, if you’re in Magaluf this summer, get yourself down to Mad Hatters - you have to be ‘Normal’ to miss this event!