Stage Mallorca Steve Aoki
29 Jun

In the true style of the typical millennial traveler, finding new adventures, heart pounding excitement and breath taking music is where I'm in my prime. This time I found myself entering the doors of the Aoki gig with my fingers trembling from excitement. Today was an ordinary day for most of the workers, but not for all... Oh hell no. Why you may ask? Because STAGE is back! As if it could get more exciting that the best event for even us workers was back for the season finally, to top that fact, the one and only Steve Aoki was doing the opening party. I can't think of any better way to kick of the height of season.

What makes STAGE so great isn't soley the main acts though, having an hour and a half before lord Aoki came on stage and In between jumping like a lunatic at the drops that the supporting acts like Cristiano Fry and Rashen Kerr would throw out gives you time to visit the Daiquiri girls to cool down with an incredible frozen strawberry Daiquiri delight and -my personal favorite- Superstarsparkles body painting stand for glittering up with a hugely unnecessary amount of the sparkly stuff.

Then it came. That sweet sound of deep electro house, the colours, the drops. What everyone had been waiting for, crazy visuals began throwing themselves about the screen. Steve Aoki, appears below the giant STAGE sign & surprises the crowd with a sneaky addition of the one song everyone secretly loves 'Despacito'.. Like WHOAH. Watching and listening to the beautiful failure that is the British culture, a crowd attempting to sing along in Spanish whilst feeling sultry eyed and throwing about some form of angular hip movements, is enough to make anyone's night. We salute you Britain. The vibration of the music in the atmosphere and the good vibes of the people.. That’s the kind of shit that touches your soul. with every song so involved in the moment, the happiness and vibration running through the air, an hour and a half of incredible music and BOOM... The celebrative fireworks explode all over the crowd. As the colourful shining paper rained down to close for what is one of the best experiences to be had in this crazy city. An unmissable Magaluf moment.