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01 Jul

A comprehensive guide on the prices you are expected to pay in Magaluf in 2017

So, time has come to say bon voyage to the United Kingdom and say hello to the beautiful shores of the infamous party resort that is Magaluf. You have worked hard all winter so you deserve this summer getaway. You have finally paid for that holiday but one of the biggest questions often asked is;

How much spending money do I need to take to Magaluf?

Well, let’s break this down a little shall we. Working out how much spending money you need to take all depends on what kind of person you are. Are you a big spender who only drinks premium spirits also loves a cheeky fillet steak every night? Or maybe you the kind of person who just loves that good ol’ cheap vodka that tastes like paint thinner and a casual pot noodle for tea!

Below, we have broken down all the prices into a handy little guide so hopefully;

Drink Prices in Magaluf

So, first of let’s start with drinks; In Magaluf it’s a little different to back home. If you’re a spirit and mixer drinker, most of the bars, nightclubs, and restaurants you find dotted around Magaluf serve what is known as Top Shelf of Bottom Shelf.

This is just a nice way of saying cheap or premium, being top shelf is the premium brands like Smirnoff, Grey Goose, Jack Daniels etc and the bottom shelf being the equivalent drinks but a more cheap, local brand. One of the drinks you will see on the shelfs in every bar is Rushkinoff. As you guessed, it’s like a Smirnoff copy that tastes sort of like vodka and gets you drunk.

This also goes with shots – you have the expensive premium brands as well as the local equivalent.





Top Shelf Spirit and Mixer


€5 - €9

Bottom Shelf Spirit and Mixer


€3 - €6



€2 - €4



€2 - €4

Top Shelf Cocktail


€5 - €9

Bottom Shelf Cocktail


€3 - €6

Top Shelf Shots


€2 - €4

Bottom Shelf Shots


€1 - €3




Soft Drink


€1 - €2



Food Prices in Magaluf

So, that’s the drinking out the way but you still need to eat, right? Magaluf has some truly awesome places to grab some food. But then again, this all depends on what’s your budget.



Full English/Scottish/Irish/Welsh Breakfast

€3 - €8

Typical Restaurant Meal

€6 - €14

Steak + Chips

€10 - €20

Takeaway Burger

€3 - €7

Big Mac Meal


Subway Meal (12in)


Pizza (Slice)


Pizza (12in)

€8 - €14

KFC Fillet Burger Meal

€6 - €8

Chinese Takeaway (Sweet & Sour Chicken + Rice)

€8 - €12


€4 - €6


€1 - €3



Event Prices in Magaluf

So that’s drinks and food covered but what about events? When in Magaluf, there are a few Must Do Events, two being the Full Moon Party and the SunSet Booze Cruise. Below, we have listed what you are likely to pay for these events.



SunSet Booze Cruise


Full Moon Party


Bar Crawl

€20 - €50

Day Pass at BH Mallorca

€35 - €45

Event Tickets

€30 - €50

Club Entry

€10 - €30



So exactly how much money do I need to take?

Working out how much you need, most people will have a good time living on a daily budget of €80 - €120 a day but like we said earlier, this completely depends on the person and how they live.