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A look back at Magaluf Weekender

We take a look back at the hit TV series Magaluf Weekender...
The cast of Magaluf Weekender.

The Magaluf Weekender is an ITV2 reality series that kicked off in January 2013. It has now run for five series, with a sixth series having just got underway. The first three series were filmed in Magaluf at the Lively Hotel, with the fourth shot in Ibiza and retitled as the ‘Ibiza Weekender’.

In the show, two sets of young friends are followed by the cameras. Many of the participants are on their first parent-free holiday. They head to the hotel for three days and virtually every part of their experience is captured on camera. The series has regularly been compared to Big Brother for this reason. Cameras were installed in bedrooms from series 2. Holiday reps are on hand to ensure the holidaymakers make the most of their action-packed experiences.

The programme formerly known as the Magaluf Weekender is a collaboration between Twofour and GroupM Entertainment. In series 5, previous participants Deano and Jordan made a return as did Imogen. Jordan replaced Rachel as the Head Rep, whilst Rachel was hoping to reunite with Jordan, who had begun dating Megan and started ignoring her, though his new relationship was in turmoil. Jordan left in episode four.

The programme has become a huge hit amongst twentysomething viewers, and the new series is set to feature a brand new band of revellers and partyseekers as well as old favourites. The programme is normally premiered at 9PM on ITV2 and lasts 90 minutes. The new series kicked off on February 5th. Since it was known as the Magaluf Weekender, the programme has followed various 18-24 year olds including reps also hellbent on having the time of their lives.

Star of Love Island, Rykard Jenkins, has joined for the new series, whilst reps Imogen and Jordan have been in the show since its launch. Imogen cheated on her boyfriend with Deano, who also returns this series, in series 5. David was brought in last series and has also made a return. He is now Head Rep, with Jordan acting as Assistant Head Rep after leaving the last series early to spend time with his girlfriend, Megan ‘TOWIE’ McKenna.

New reps Laura and Hayley also feature in the new series, which was shot at Ibiza Apartments. In the first episode, David told the new reps they could be fired at any point, whilst Deano is working with Imogen, who he kissed in the previous series. He has described Laura as his dream girl. Episode two will see Hayley attempting to form a bond with Jordan, whilst Deano encourages him to make the most of being single.

So, will there ever be a return to the beautiful shores of Magaluf? Well, for now there is no mention but we are sure in the future more programs will be filmed in Magaluf.


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